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Cleveland Memory Project Best Practices Guide

Best practices for digitizing, post-processing, archiving, and creating metadata for the Cleveland Memory Project.

Social Media Guide

Flickr is a program that lets you store, sort, search, and share photos online.

  • A Set contains photos while a Collection can contain sets or other collections
  • How to Make a Set:‚Äč
    • The first thing to be done is upload your photos.
      • Click on the Upload button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.
    • Next click on the Organize & Create link at the top of the page (There are two different ways to create a set)
      • One way is to stay on the Batch Organize page that you are led to when you click on Organize & Create. Drag the photos you have uploaded into the designated area and click Add to Set
      • The second way is to click on Sets and Collections and then to click on Create a new set right underneath it
  • Include anywhere between 12 to 18 photographs in your Set
  • Include a description of what the Set is about
  • For each photo include the links to, the photo at Cleveland Memory, and the page of your topic. (Include the hyperlinks in the text box)
  • Include a title of the photograph
  • Include a brief description if possible
  • Include relevant tags of the photograph
  • Click on Add this photo to your map to include the location where the photograph was taken 
  • When editing you can make changes, rearrange the orders of the picture, and change the thumbnail that represents your collection

Cleveland Historical is a free mobile app developed by the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University that highlights the Cleveland region and lets you explore it through tours and stories.

  • There is a guide on wiki about this app at
  • When you have compiled all of the information email it to Bill and he will forward it to the right place to be created
  • Information to include:
    • Narrative history on your topic (250-750 words) (Use Notepad++)
    • Maximum of 8 photographs with interpretive captions
    • Audio if applicable
    • Tags
    • Geolocation

Historypin is a collection of photographs pinned on a map that highlight the history of the world.

  • The first thing to do is click on Pin which takes you to a page where you can add photos, audio, and video
    • Once the photo uploads you can pin it to the map or do it later
    • When you pin the photo you need to include the title, description, tags, date, and location. (If you do not know the exact date it allows you to approximate)
    • To add links click on the Additional Information under the photograph
  • To create a Collection:
    • Click on the Collections tab
    • Click on Create a new Collection
    • Describe the Collection, Choose content, and Order the content

Tumblr is a social network where one can share photos, quotes, text, links, music, and video. Click the login button at the top right to get started.

  • At the top of the page click on the type of post you would like to make: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, or video
  • Once you click on the type of post just fill in the blanks
  • Some tips:
    • The tags may take some time to go through the system. Which means your post may not immediately show up when you use one of the tags in the search box
    • For some reason the homepage cannot be customized. A page will show up that reads One quick thing: We need you to verify your email address by clicking the link we sent
    • When on your Tumblr page click on the Post link on the right of the page. A Mass Post Editor appears below the link which is a tool that allows you to include the same tags for as many posts as you select


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share everything you find on the internet.  People use pinboards to share information on fashion, recipes, fitness, home décor, etc. Browse other boards to get ideas or find cool things you would like to re-pin to your own board. Click the Login button at the top center of the page or the top left.

  • Once logged in, click on the ClevelandMemory tab at the right of the page; this will take you to the Cleveland Memory Project homepage
  • Either Create a board with a new topic or add photos to the Cleveland Memory Photos board 
  • To Create a Board:
    • Include the name of the board
    • Select a category the board falls under or leave it blank
    • Keep Secret off
    • Click on Create Board
    • Once you create a board it will take you back to Cleveland Memory Project homepage
    • To add photos click on Add+ at the top of the page
    • Either click on upload a photo which lets you browse your computer or you can click on add  a pin which allows you to get a photo from the internet
    • When adding a photo, pick which board it should be uploaded to and describe the pin in 500 words or less