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Cleveland Memory Project Best Practices Guide

Best practices for digitizing, post-processing, archiving, and creating metadata for the Cleveland Memory Project.

Cleveland Memory Project Workflow

green = CMP Partner steps

Workflow Details

  • Identify collection of materials to add to Cleveland Memory
  • Obtain or verify rights to reproduce materials digitally in Cleveland Memory
  • Meet with a project champion at the Michael Schwartz Library to get the details of your collection (the project champion will fill out a project proposal for approval by the Cleveland Memory Project Team)
  • Once the project is approved by the Michael Schwartz Library's Cleveland Memory Project Team, scanning and metadata training will be scheduled
  • Meet with DPU manager for training and information about the digitization process
  • Digitize materials according to DPU best practices
  • Process materials according to DPU best practices
  • Meet with the Head of Collections and Digital Initiatives for CONTENTdm and metadata training
  • Add items one at a time to CONTENTdm and create metadata for each file according to best practices
  • The Head of Collections and Digital Initiatives will review your initial records and provide feedback
  • Once materials are live on the web, you can review and edit metadata
  • Speak with the Special Collections Librarian regarding a web exhibit for your collection
  • Finish any documentation needed on your project that others may need for the future
  • Document any future directions for your project: can it be expanded upon later?