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Cleveland Memory Project Best Practices Guide

Best practices for digitizing, post-processing, archiving, and creating metadata for the Cleveland Memory Project.

File Naming Conventions

1. Before scanning, a file name prefix should be established.

2. Generally, unless otherwise assigned by project managers, file names consist of a prefix corresponding to the folder or materials container followed by sequential number. Determine the number of placeholders needed depending upon the number of items in a collection (0001, 0002, etc. for collection of 1500 images vs. 001, 002, etc. for collection of 150 images). Multiple page documents and books should also include the page number scanned.

3. File names should be all lowercase letters and numbers. Exclude spaces and special characters (including hyphens and underscores) and generally limit the file name to fewer than 20 characters in length.


  • Label on Cleveland Press photograph folder: cable cars
  • Filename assigned to first image: nsxcablecars001.jpg