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ASC 101 - Brian Mikelbank: Presentations

Presentation Practice Room

For future presentations, you can use the Presentation Practice Room in the Digital Design Studio, RT301 to run through your presentation with your group in a professional environment. You can even film and review your presentation afterwards. There is also a Student Collaboration Room for group planning with a large computer display. Call the Digital Design Studio at (216) 687-9337 to reserve a time.


Remember, the focus for your presentation should be:
-Providing a brief overview of the issue your group explored
-Connecting your issue to Cleveland
-Reporting different perspectives reflected in your research
-Sharing your own educated opinion about the issue

Keep in mind while giving your presentation with your group:

-A PowerPoint is meant to enhance your presentation, not be your presentation.
-Use note cards as an outline for your talking points, not as a script
-Eye contact and posture make a difference
-Have fun! This is a learning exercise and meant for you to enjoy.

Tips for a successful presentation

Watch this Youtube video for tips on giving an effective presentation.