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ASC 101 - Brian Mikelbank: Cleveland Historical Research

Searching for books

In addition to online resources, the library has hundreds of books about the history of Cleveland.

Special Collections

Special Collections maintains a large collection of rare, unusual, or other wise "special" items not fit for the rest of the library's stacks. Most of these collections pertain to local history. Here you will find not only books regarding local history, but manuscripts, letters, photographs, drawings, art, and other sorts of media from important moments and people in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio history. 

There is also a research guide devoted to local history research.

Cleveland Memory Project

The Cleveland Memory Project is an initiative by the Michael Schwartz Library to create a searchable collection of photographs, images, recordings, texts, and other media that document the history of Cleveland and the Greater Cleveland Area. You can enhance your presentation by including visuals from this collection! 

Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History is a great online resource, formerly published in print, that includes articles about the history of Cleveland, landmarks, neighborhoods, events, people, organizations, companies, and institutions.

This is a place to look after you read the article from Cleveland Historical. 


Cleveland Historical

Cleveland Historical is a project out of Cleveland State University's Center for Public History and Digital Humanities. It is a mobile app and website that "lets you explore the people, places, and moments that have shaped the city’s history."