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ASC 101 - Brian Mikelbank: Playhouse Square

Research Question

How can cities and other governments support the arts, and artists? 


Research question: How can cities and other governments support the arts, and artists? 

Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square is an area built around 5 theaters, all opened between 1921 and 1922. By the 1970s, the theater complex had declined and all but the Hanna were closed. Fast forward to today, the area is the second largest complex of performing arts theaters after Lincoln Center in New York City.

Learn more:

Playhouse Square is a non-profit operation that is also involved in arts education and neighborhood development.


When visiting Playhouse Square buildings, stay in lobby areas and obey all signage and employees. Let an employee know you are visiting for a school assignment.


Site questions

  • How did the arts and entertainment impact your life during the pandemic? 
  • What might this area look like without the theaters? What might take their place?
  • What else do you see in addition to the theaters?
  • What does a neighborhood like Playhouse Square do for the whole city of Cleveland, or the Cleveland metropolitan area?

Where is it?

What does it look like from the street?