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Cleveland Historical

Cleveland Historical is an app and website designed and maintained by the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities, right here at Cleveland State University. For your Cleveland Based Learning assignment, you will be using this app to locate your site, and start your research here. 

Cleveland Historical

Learning Outcomes

After this assignment:

Students will understand that conversations around topics are complex and include both scholarly and non-scholarly sources.

Students will be able to use a news article or overview article from a database as an inspiration to find related information.

Students will understand that a single source of information is one piece of a larger conversation that can be approached from many angles.

Students will be able to generate keywords, concepts, and main ideas from a piece of information or topic in order to build a search strategy and locate relevant sources.

Students will use the library website to locate personal librarians, ASC101 Research Guide, Cleveland Memory, Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, and relevant research databases. 

Site Visit

Use the Site Visit handout to guide you and your group on the site visit. There are additional questions that will help you get more out of your site visit on the individual site pages under the Cleveland Historical Research tab.

Record your sources

Fill in this sheet to record important information about any sources you find. Save and email it to yourself so that you have a copy, and print out your completed Source Profile to turn in to the librarian.

Welcome to the Michael Schwartz Library!

Michael Schwartz Library, Rhodes TowerWelcome to the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University!

This guide is designed for first year students enrolled in the ASC 101

The purpose of this guide is to assist students in navigating the research process and locate high quality, credible sources for their group presentations.  Students will also learn valuable information about the Library's services, resources, collections, and research tools.  

Others are also invited to explore the information on these pages.

Cleveland Based Learning

Cleveland Based Learning is meant to engage you with the city you will be learning and growing in. Cleveland has a rich and deep history, which is still being played out in various ways today, in the many issues facing our community.

For the CBL component of ASC101, you will:

  • Choose a site located on or near CSU's campus.
  • Tour that site 
  • Research a current social issue tied to your site
  • Present in a group about your site and the social issue that you researched


After completing the Article Evaluation assignment, continue to make connections between your article and your group's topic. You will complete the Making Connections worksheet in the library session. The connections you make with main ideas, key words, other sources of information about this topic, and related library resources will help to guide your research.

This is a skill you will use when doing any research project.


With your group, you will use your article, ideas from your brainstorming, and previous knowledge to research your topic and create a short presentation to inform the class about your topic. The presentation will focus on giving a brief overview of the issue, how it affects Cleveland, and reporting some of the perspectives and information your found about it.

Your presentation will be assessed using a rubric.

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