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ASC 101 - Brian Mikelbank: Heinen's

Research Question

How does public policy shape access to healthy food? 


Research question: How does public policy shape access to healthy food? 

Cleveland Trust Company Building

Where Heinen's now operates its downtown location was long the home of the Cleveland Trust Company (which later became known as AmeriTrust). It was one of the biggest banks in region and country, until 1991 when it was purchased by the Society Corporation (now known as Key Bank). It sat vacant after the complex was closed in 1996. The tower reopened in in 2013 as a hotel and apartment buidling, and in February 2015, the rotunda reopened as a Heinen's grocery store. 

Site questions


  • Does a grocery store like Heinen's provide affordable access to healthy food? 
  • Can you walk to a grocery store from where you live?
  • Think about healthy food access in neighborhoods nearby to campus - are there disparities in access to healthy food?

Where is it?

What does it look like from the street?