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ASC 101 - Brian Mikelbank: OneSearch

Tell us what you think about OneSearch!

Do you like using OneSearch to locate books, articles, videos and other items for you research?

Tell us what you think about OneSearch!
Loved it!: 13 votes (20%)
Liked it.: 6 votes (9.23%)
Haven't decided.: 26 votes (40%)
It's confusing.: 6 votes (9.23%)
Do not like it!: 14 votes (21.54%)
Total Votes: 65

Search OneSearch!



OneSearch is a dynamic search tool that can be found on the llbrary's home page and on most of the other library web pages.


Why can't I just Google?
Google makes searching easy, but academic work demands that students use authoritative, high quality sources for course assignments and research.  If you prefer to search for information using a single-search-box that eliminates the need to consult multiple separate sources, try OneSearch!

What is OneSearch?
A search tool that provides single-search-box access to millions of items from authoritative content sources available at CSU libraries as well as libraries in Ohio and the world.

Where do the items in the result list come from?
The items in the result list come from CSU's Scholar catalog, OhioLINK catalog, and various research databases.

What types of items will be in the result list?
The result list will include books, e-books, print and electronic journals, music, video, audio, theses, dissertations, images and other electronic materials. 

What if I want to look for only books or only articles?
You can limit you result list to a specific format such as books or articles. After your initial search, OneSearch offers multiple ways to easily limit your results by database, format, author, year, language, content, audience, and topic.

Will I be able to read books and articles online?
Many, but not all, items will be electronically accessible in full-text from your computer.

OneSearch (EDS) Tutorial