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A guide for students, faculty, & staff studying or exploring sustainability.

Books from the MSL Collection

Justice in Climate Action Planning

This edited volume examines how climate action plans engage justice at the scale of the city. 

Climate Urbanism: Towards a critical research agenda

This book argues that the relationship between cities and climate change is entering a new and more urgent phase. Thirteen contributions from a range of leading scholars explore the need to rethink and reorient urban life in response to climatic change. 

Urban Ecosystems: Function, management and development

This textbook on urban ecosystems answers important questions about the ecological structure, functions and socio-ecological development of cities worldwide. 

Managing Climate Change and Sustainability Through Behavioural Transformation

This book addresses climate change and sustainability management from a transdisciplinary perspective which encompasses within itself how different humanistic disciplines can culminate with each other to move ahead with the agenda. 

Sustainability and Urban Studies