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A guide for students, faculty, & staff studying or exploring sustainability.

Books from the MSL Collection

Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Markets

This book explores the interaction between sustainability, corporate responsibility, consumers, and the market. It aims to discover if consumers are seeking out small, ethical, socially responsible firms to buy from rather than large corporations and if the integration of corporate responsibility strategies and practices change how market sectors are assembled. 

Beyond Politics: The private governance response to climate change

Private sector action provides one of the most promising opportunities to reduce the risks of climate change, buying time while governments move slowly or even oppose climate mitigation. Combining an examination of the growth of private climate initiatives over the last decade, a theory of why private actors are motivated to reduce emissions, and a review of viable next steps, this book speaks to scholars, business and advocacy group managers, philanthropists, policymakers, and anyone interested in climate change.

Theories of Change: Change leadership tools, models and applications for investing in sustainable development

Today, it has become strikingly obvious that companies no longer operate in an environment where only risk return and volatility describe the business environment. This book builds on a new megatrend beyond resilience, called anti-fragility. 

Ecologically Conscious Organizations: New business practices based on ecological commitment

This book investigates the value orientation of ecologically conscious business.  It also serves as general reading for reflective practitioners who are interested in progressive, ecologically conscious businesses, ethical business functioning, and business model innovation.  

Sustainable Business