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A guide for students, faculty, & staff studying or exploring sustainability.

Books from the MSL Collection

Changing Planet, Changing Health: How the climate crisis threatens our health and what we can do about it

Climate change is now doing far more harm than marooning polar bears on melting chunks of ice--it is damaging the health of people around the world. Brilliantly connecting stories of real people with cutting-edge scientific and medical information, Changing Planet, Changing Health brings us to places like Mozambique, Honduras, and the United States for an eye-opening on-the-ground investigation of how climate change is altering patterns of disease. 

Climate Change and Global Public Health

This book is a guide to the research, findings, and discussions of US and international experts on climate change and respiratory health. 

Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know

Climate change will have a bigger impact on humanity than the Internet has had. As the world struggles to stem climate change and its effects, everyone will become a part of this story of the century. Here is what you need to know.

Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture

This volume discusses the need to adopt Climate-Resilient Agriculture (CRA) practices to address the increasing global impact that climate change has on agricultural productivity and agriculture-dependent communities. 

Mountain Landscapes in Transition: Effects of land use and climate change

This book compiles available knowledge of the response of mountain ecosystems to recent climate and land use change and intends to bridge the gap between science, policy and the community concerned. T

Greenhouse Gases: Sources, Sinks and Mitigation

This book is a complete information set covering all aspects of GHGs, sources, sinks and control/mitigation strategies. It is also written in simple language with helpful photographs, diagrams and flowcharts which will make the reader comfortable in understanding the concepts a more relatively easier way. The book is a valuable tool for students in Environmental Science, Ecology, Biological Science, Economics and Agriculture. 

Environmental Sustainability

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