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A guide for students, faculty, & staff studying or exploring sustainability.

Books from the MSL Collection

The Anthropology of Sustainability: Beyond development and progress

This book compiles research from leading experts in the social, behavioral, and cultural dimensions of sustainability, as well as local and global understandings of the concept, and on lived practices around the world. It contains studies focusing on ways of living, acting, and thinking which claim to favor the local and global ecological systems of which we are a part, and on which we depend for survival.    

Social Accounting for Sustainability: Monetizing the social value

This book deals with the limitations of economic and financial accounting as an appropriate instrument to reflect the real value created or destroyed by an organization. The authors present a sustainable social accounting approach that considers both the social and economic value - Blended Value - generated by an organization for all of its stakeholders.

Sustainable Materialism: Environmental movements and the politics of everyday lif

In this book, sustainable materialism is explored as a set of movements with unique qualities, based in collective rather than individual action, a dedication to local and prefigurative politics, and a demand that sustainability be practiced in everyday life - starting with the materials and flows that provide food, power, clothing, and other basic needs.

Sustainability and Social Science