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A guide for students, faculty, & staff studying or exploring sustainability.

Books from the MSL Collection

Anxious Politics: Democratic citizenship in a threatening world

Anxious Politics explores the emotional life of politics, with particular emphasis on how political anxieties affect public life. When the world is scary, when politics is passionate, when the citizenry is anxious, does this politics resemble politics under more serene conditions? 

Climate Change, Public Health, and the Law

Climate Change, Public Health, and the Law provides the first comprehensive explication of the dynamic interactions between climate change, public health law, and environmental law, both in the United States and internationally. 

Lessons from the Clean Air Act: Building durability and adaptability into U.S. climate and energy policy

Climate and energy policy needs to be durable and flexible to be successful, but these two concepts often seem to be in opposition. This illuminating book provides critical information to legislators, regulators, and scholars interested in understanding environmental policymaking.

Titans of the Climate: Explaining policy process in the United States and China

This book explores how the planet's two largest greenhouse gas emitters navigate climate policy. Comparing the policy processes of the two countries, Gallagher and Xuan make the case that if each country understands more about the other's goals and constraints, climate policy cooperation is more likely to succeed.

The US National Climate Assessment

This book offers valuable climate policy and climate assessment lessons, depicting what it takes to build a sustained climate assessment process. The book also highlights the need for decision-makers to be part of the assessment process, in order for assessment findings to be truly useful from a decision-maker's perspective.

Sustainability and Law / Policy