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CSU Affordability Advocates

A guide to highlight the amazing course material affordability champions on our campus.

Affordability Advocate

Dr. Eddie Lam

Eddie Lam

Associate Professor

Health and Human Performance

Course: PED 461/561 - Sport Governance

Annual student savings: $2,500

Faculty Winner’s Impressions:

Why did you decide to apply for the Textbook Affordability Grant?

It is time to reorganize everything and put everything in writing. There is also a reward for your writing.  

How did the project process go? What advice do you have for other faculty considering applying for a Textbook Affordability Grant?

It was more time consuming than I originally thought.  Need a strong commitment and you must not be heavily involved in research or manuscript writing. 

What were the results of your project on student engagement and academic achievement?

I think students can understand better if there are book chapters in their hands while the lectures are in PowerPoint. It makes teaching more organized. Before I just update my PowerPoint lectures with limited slides, now I can also update and expand my book chapters in whatever length I want.