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CSU Affordability Advocates

A guide to highlight the amazing course material affordability champions on our campus.

Affordability Advocate

Donna Davisson

Donna Davisson

Associate College Lecturer

Marketing Department, College of Business

Course: BUS 151 - World of Business

OER created/used: Introduction to Business 

Annual student savings: $24,000

Faculty Winner’s Impressions:

Why did you decide to apply for the Textbook Affordability Grant?

Seemed like I should since I was already interested in using an online text. Likely a good idea to use resources available to me to do so.

How did the project process go? What advice do you have for other faculty considering applying for a Textbook Affordability Grant?

It went well! Was super easy to adopt and bring my team of instructors on board (the course I chose to use the online text in is a large freshman required course). Faculty should give it a try. IT's not difficult to adapt your course, and there are plenty of library staff who can help.

What were the results of your project on student engagement and academic achievement?

Students loved the free textbook, they had zero complaints.