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Michael Schwartz Library

Sustainability Challenge

Now What?

If you feel nervous about the state of our climate and the future of the environment, you're not alone. These issues started long before you were born. You didn't cause mass pollution and deforestation, but the narrative around environmental issues is focused on individualism. Remember that you, as an individual, aren't the reason we have to take these steps in the first place. That being said, you can choose to do what you can to aid both your environment and your community. Choosing to take care of nature, to take the people around you, can help ease anxiety around environmental and climate issues.

Getting Outside

One of the best ways to combat climate anxiety is to go outside. Sometimes what you need to get yourself grounded again is to reconnect with the outside world. Witness the beauty that comes with thriving nature and remind yourself why you care about keeping the planet healthy - fresh air can get yourself back into the right headspace.

Visit one of the many reservations taken going through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Cleveland Metroparks, and Lorain County Metroparks. Keep an eye out for the trail currently being developed throughout the Irishtown Bend.


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