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Sustainability Challenge

Travel and Carbon Footprints: What Does This Have to Do With Me?

BBC News briefly explains carbon footprints in the video, Climate Change: Your carbon footprint explained - BBC News. We all have our own carbon footprint. Regardless of how you compare to others, it's important to lessen our own contributions to the on-going issue.

Changing How We Travel

Cleveland State University offers several resources that you could take advantage of in order to reduce the carbon footprint you create when you travel. 

If you’re physically able to and the weather allows, biking is a reliable way to get around the city. In case of emergencies, our Recreation Center is home to the Fixit Bike Repair Station.

Students enrolled in at least one credit hour are eligible for the U-Pass. Even a handful of bus rides for short distances can cut down on the emissions that you would create as an individual.

Cleveland State is taking part in the GOhio Commute program. When you use GOhio, you have access to multiple commuting routes, along with the option to carpool with other current CSU students.

Cleveland State and Energy Use

Our campus is recognized as one of the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partners. We make an effort to save energy, turning towards greener and cleaner options. By 2014, our energy consumption was reduced by 32%, and we're still taking steps to keep our energy clean with solar panels, optimized ventilation, and heating maintained natural gas.

You know what we do. Now how can you save energy while you learn?