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Sustainability Challenge

Buy Less, Do More

One of the best ways to prevent waste is to buy only what you need or shop secondhand. Instead of going on a shopping haul, stop by one of the thrift shops. Antique stores are full of hidden gems, including furniture that can get a decade of use if you wanted to fix it. Reusing as a solution to waste management doesn't stop at eco-conscious takeout containers.

Secondhand, Thrifts, and More

OZZI: Campus To-Go

Minimal Waste?

Part of going minimal waste reduces the amount of plastics you're buying. You can use your purchasing power to encourage companies to use less plastics when packaging. Examples of using a minimal waste mindset includes packing meals in tupperware containers, intentional grocery shopping (such as buying vegetables with no plastic packaging or snacks with minimal wrapping), and using biodegradable products.


Another way to reduce waste is to reuse materials and objects. Instead of using plastic bags at the grocery store, you can opt for a canvas bag. Reusable water bottles, as opposed to plastic water bottles, lessen your recycling load. If you want to get rid of clothes that you don't wear, you can donate to thrift stores, give it to a friend, or resell it.

A fun way to participate in reusable sustainability is to host Sustainability Swaps within your friend group or larger community. Sustainability swaps are gatherings where you and those participating bring items that you no longer use, trading it within the group. This can include clothing in good condition, office materials, kitchen supplies, and plants -- anything you'd like.


What can you do instead of throwing things away? Take something old and make it something new. If you're feeling crafty, you can fix old shelves and reupholster a chair that could use some love. If you want to take on a project, invest in a good set of tools your friends can borrow. You can also rent tools through several businesses in the Cleveland area.

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