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Evaluating Sources Library Workshop


Are you a student who finds it difficult to make it to library workshops? Are you a faculty member who’d like your students to better understand plagiarism or source evaluation, but don’t have time to cover those topics in class? An online library workshop might be the solution for you! The Michael Schwartz Library is pleased to offer a new workshop titled "Evaluating Sources." Students can enroll at the link below, or contact Mandi Goodsett at for more info.

This workshop targets students in 100 and 200 level courses, although it is open to anyone. Please note that this workshop is no longer offered for credit through the library. If you are a faculty member considering offering this workshop for extra credit or course credit, please contact a librarian (my contact information is to the right) about embedding the content in your Blackboard course where you will be able to grade it yourself.

Please use the tabs above to find more information about the workshop.

Workshop Content

The workshop will be broken down as follows.

  1. Introduction (2 min.)

  2. CRAAP Crew - examining a tool for evaluating sources (10-15 min.)

  3. Expert Evaluator - applying new skills to some sources (10-15 min.)

After attending the workshop, students will be able to …

  • identify the components of a rigorous method of source evaluation in order to provide strong, high-quality support for academic research and personal decisions.
  • identify elements of a source that should elicit a skeptical response in order to more successfully align themselves behind well-supported, accurate information.

How will certificates be awarded?
In the past, the librarians graded the material and sent certificates to students. Now individual faculty will grade student work and offer credit as appropriate. No more library certificates will be awarded for this workshop.

Can faculty members use the workshop materials to offer credit in their own courses?
Certainly! We encourage faculty to contact the library about embedding the material from this workshop into their own course. To begin the process, we will contact eLearning and identify a place for the material in your Blackboard course. Once it has been transferred to your course, you will be responsible for grading the material and keeping it up-to-date.

Can I earn credit for completing all of the materials as they appear in the research guide?
Unfortunately, no. The responses for the activities in this research guide are not collected for grading. Therefore, faculty who would like to grade workshop materials will need to contact a librarian about adding the material in Blackboard.