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SIFT: Stop

What is the SIFT Method? Learn more from the creator, Mike Caufield, before watching the videos below.

The first step in the SIFT method is to Stop when you are considering sharing information online or using it as evidence in an assignment. Consider the following:

  • Do you have a deeply-held belief about this topic? Do you have an emotional reaction to the claim? 
  • What is your information need and context? Are you going to be using this information for a low stakes task, like deciding what movie to watch, or a higher stakes decision, like whether to share political information on social media? 

If the source you plan to use evokes a strong emotional reaction, be extra cautious to verify its claims before sharing. Also, return to this stage of SIFT if you are feeling frustrated or stuck -- take a pause and re-evaluate what you've learned in your investigation.

Please feel free to use and modify!