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SIFT: Investigate the Source

What is the SIFT Method? Learn more from the creator, Mike Caufield, before watching the videos below.

The second step of SIFT is to Investigate the Source. It can be tempting to immediately begin to debate the merits of a claim that a source makes (and, depending on how outrageous it is, you may be able to dismiss a source based on its claim alone). However, it's often a good idea to begin by investigating if the source of the claim is credible. See the video below to learn why the strategy you use to investigate a source can mean the difference between an inaccurate conclusion and a successful fact-check.

In the next video, learn a quick method for investigating a source.

If you're wondering about the credibility of a particular person who is claiming expertise, you can use some simple tools to investigate an expert as well.

Please feel free to use and modify!