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ARB 335 / WLC 235: Arab Films

The resources highlighted in this guide will assist students interested in the study of Arab cinema / films, the Arab film industry and film as a vehicle for the exploration of Arab history and cultural identity.

Research Guide for Arab 335 and WLC 235: Arab Films

Welcome to the research guide for Arab Film (ARB 335 / WLC 235). This guide features resources to help you complete your assigned research papers.  It focuses on the film industry in Arab countries; film analysis; and Arab history and cultural identity.

I am here to help! Please contact me if you need research assistance or have any questions about the Library resources and services. To schedule an appointment with me, use the "schedule an appointment" button on the right or email me.

Good Luck!film reel


Search for books, journal articles, conference papers, videos, and more -- all at once! This is a good starting place to locate or narrow down a topic.

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