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Instrument Guide: Woodwinds

A guide for the performance with and study of woodwind instruments.

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M60-M64    Flute Alone
M240-M244    Flute with piano accompaniment
M957, M1470    Flute ensembles
M288-M289    Duets for two wind instruments (of all kinds)
M290-M291    Duets-one stringed and one wind instrument
M296-M297    Duets-one wind and one plucked instrument
M300s-M900s    Chamber music
M1020    Flute with orchestra, full scores
M1021    Flute with orchestra, piano reductions
M1120    Flute with string orchestra, full scores
M1121    Flute with string orchestra, piano reductions


ML128.F7    Bibliographies of flute music
ML935-ML937    History and construction; music and playing

Methods, Etudes, and Excerpts

MT342-345    Studies and exercises
MT346    Orchestral Excerpts

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James Galway Plays "Flight of the Bumblebee"

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