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Michael Schwartz Library

Instrument Guide: Woodwinds

A guide for the performance with and study of woodwind instruments.

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Call Number Ranges

Use these call number ranges to browse the shelves.

M75-M79   Bassoon solo 
M110   Other [English horn, Piccolo, etc.]
M253-M254   Bassoon and piano 
M270-M271   Other wind instrument and piano 
M288-M289   2 wind instruments 
M315-M319   2 wind instruments and piano 
M315-M389   Trios with at least one woodwind instrument
M355-M359   Woodwind trios 
M415-M419   3 wind instruments and piano 
M415-M486   Quartets with at least one woodwind instrument
M455-M489   Woodwind quartets 
M515-M589   Quintets with at least one woodwind instrument
M555-M559   Woodwind quintets
M1026-M1027   Bassoon concertos (with orchestra)
M1034-M1035   Other wind instruments with orchestra [Saxophone, English horn, Piccolo, etc.] 
M1026-M1027   Bassoon concertos (with orchestra)
M1134-M1135   Other wind instruments with string orchestra [Saxophone, English horn, piccolo, etc.]

Featured Books

Klaus Thunemann Plays Vivaldi Bassoon Concerti

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