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Racial Justice and Anti-Racism Resources

A selection of resources about racial justice and anti-racist actions.

What are Microaggressions?

A microaggression is "a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority." -- Oxford Languages

Warning: some strong language


Microaggressions and Modern Racism

Microaggressions and Modern Racism: Endurance and Evolution explores the causes, manifestations, and consequences of microaggressions, macroaggressions, and modern racism within society. Using surveys and interview data alongside examples in mainstream media, Levchak provides a comprehensive analysis of modern racism on college campuses, in workplaces, and in various media. In so doing, she expands microaggression theory and explores race-based aggression and race relations through sociological and social justice frameworks. The resources offered here have the potential to inform anti-racism policy, programming, and practice that can impact the lives and well-being of all people.

Recognizing Microaggressions

A classmate questions how you got into college. A neighbor clutches her purse when you pass. A job interviewer compliments your English. Every day these experiences leave people of color scratching their heads, and before long, they're impossible to ignore. After all, the neighbor doesn't clutch her purse when whites approach. So, what gives? Is she racist? Making that call is hard when people aren't obviously bigots, but their behavior has a name: racial microaggressions. These slights are indeed real; you're not imagining things. With this book, readers will learn what microaggressions are, why they're bad news, and how to handle them.

Microaggressions in Everyday Life

This book insightfully looks at the various kinds of microaggressions and their psychological effects on both perpetrators and their targets. Thought provoking and timely, Dr. Sue suggests realistic and optimistic guidance for combating--and ending--microaggressions in our society.

Fix Your Climate: a practical guide to reducing microagressions, microbullying, and bullying in the academic workplace

In this handbook, two leading experts on hierarchical microaggressions - Myron Anderson and Kathryn Young - present in-depth scenarios, strategies, and worksheets for addressing these issues on your campus. In these pages, you will get: A primer on the relationship between microaggressions, microbullying, bullying, and campus climate. Scenarios, strategies, and tutorials for preventing and addressing microaggressions in both administrative and academic units. Scenarios, strategies, and tutorials for preventing and addressing microbullying and bullying behaviors. A case study of how one institution developed a comprehensive bullying policy. A 4-way implementation model to guide your strategy for addressing these issues.