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College Credit Plus: Academic and Student Support Services

Orientation and summary of library and university services for College Credit Plus students

Student Services

Cleveland State University has many services to support your learning and experience here. This page highlights some of the key service points and offices who can help you.


The Tutoring and Academic Success Center provides group tutoring for a wide range of undergraduate classes.

You can sign up for tutoring sessions through the Starfish student portal. eTutoring is also available. 

TASC also offers Supplemental Instruction led by a peer student leader, and Supplemental Learning Assistance for some classes. 

In addition to this, TASC offers Success Coaching, a free service tailored towards individual student needs regarding note taking, time management, testing anxiety, and more. 



Unless you live nearby, there's a good chance you'll be parking on campus. You must purchase a pass to park on campus. You can order a pass through parking services. Make sure to look through all the options before making a decision. You can even order a one-day a week pass if you only visit campus one day a week.

Student wellness

CSU offers several offices and services that support student wellness.

CASC, the Counseling & Academic Success Clinic, is an on campus counseling center. Drop in for a relaxing environment, and to speak with a graduate student intern from the Counseling program. Located in Main Classroom 215A, 216-687-9325.

Counseling Services is another resource for mental well being on campus. It is best to make an appointment by calling 216-687-2277 to set up a phone screening to determine what services would best fit your needs.Counseling Services is located in the Union Building in UN220. 

Viking Card

Your Viking Card is an important part of your experience at CSU. You will use it for everything from parking to checking out books from the library. Stop by the Viking Card Office in Main Classroom, MC112 to get your card issued to you. 

Placement Tests

Make sure to take your placement tests!

Go to the testing services website for more information, and to take a sample test for English and Math.

Safety on Campus

Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center offers tutoring and assistance with a variety of math classes. Appointments are not necessary for walk in help.

Help sessions for Calculus and Statistics classes and trial exams for MTH 116,117,148, and 149 are offered as well. 

Located in Main Classroom MC230, 216-687-4543. 

Additionally, the Math Emporium is a math lab and classroom located in the library's 2nd floor. Some math classes are held here, and the lab is staff with student assistants. 


Take advantage of free eTutoring services offered by the state of Ohio. eTutoring offers assistance in accounting, anatomy, biology, chemistry, math, physiology, statistics, and writing. 

Grad Ready

Use the GradReady website to build your financial literacy skills.