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Digital Literacy for Teaching

The Listicle Assignment: An Overview

A listicle often includes images, short videos, and text to present information in a list format. The popular site, Buzzfeed (see an example here), is well-known for their listicles. There listicles are an excellent way to introduce students to listicles.

A listicle assignment can offer students opportunities to present researched information in a way that embraces 21st century composing practices. Rather than simply assigning an annotated bibliography, an instructor can ask students to create a listicle ranking their sources from most relevant to their topic to least relevant; most to least recent; and/or most interesting to least interesting. 

Although there can sometimes be limits to the amount of text a listicle-creator allows, prompting students to include only the necessary information provides an opportunity to practice concise writing skills. Further, urging students to choose images or GIFs to support their annotation allows them to demonstrate creative and critical thinking skills, and further consider modes of composition outside of text.

Sample Listicle Assignment

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