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Digital Literacy for Teaching


Welcome to the Digital Design Studio's Digital Literacy Teaching Resources guide. This website is meant to house content related to digital literacy, ideas and templates for digital literacy-centric assignments, and a list of campus resources and digital tools for you and your students to take advantage of. 

How can you use this guide?

Learn about digital literacy: A concept adjacent to other literacies, digital literacy is defined by JISC as "the capabilities which fit someone for living, learning and working in a digital society." In the Digital Design Studio, we see digital literacy as a critical component of the 21st century college education. We hope to promote and support digital literacy within Cleveland State University classrooms. Come join the conversation!

Incorporate digital literacy into an assignment: Looking for inspiration or want assistance integrating digital literacy into your course? We can help! Browse our growing list of assignment ideas and templates, or contact the Digital Design Studio. We'll help you brainstorm ideas, discuss different tools, and identify appropriate digital literacy learning outcomes.

Find tools, resources, and support for digital literacy: What supports and resources exist on campus? Are there free tools you can provide your students with? Browse our growing list of recommended resources and tools for use in the classroom.  Don't see the tool you need? Just ask! 

Faculty and Student Digital Consultations: Could your students use extra support with their digital projects? Would you like to discuss digital literacy or digital/multimodal projects with a staff member?

Guide attribution

This guide contains content authored by Melanie Gagich and Ben Richards, as well as external content created and shared under Creative Commons licenses.