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ENG 207/347/547: African American Literature

A guide on the study of African American literature.

“Now that we’re all in the room, how do we start this discussion?” (Oluo,2018)

Tips for Discussing Race

  • Discussing race is not inherently racist or offensive (Oluo, 2018; The Root Staff, 2013)
  • It’s okay to feel uncomfortable or leave your comfort zone; internally explore why you feel uncomfortable (Trent, 2015)
  • It is not about the experiences of white people. White people must remember to set aside their assumptions and listen to what people of color are sharing and expressing (Harriot, 2016;  Oluo, 2018)
  • Having an open mind and listening before responding will allow for a more productive conversation (Trent, 2015; Oluo, 2018)
  • Ask clarifying questions on topics or ideas you don’t understand and be willing to research these topics separately (Oluo, 2018)

From The Library

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