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Library Instruction Guide for Faculty

What is library instruction?

Library instruction, or information literacy instruction, teaches students how to think about and interact with information and the research process, as well as how to use information resources and conduct research more effectively. It is rooted in the concept of information literacy, which is defined as an understanding of the creation, authority, context, and value of information (American Library Association, 2016). Librarians are experts in teaching information literacy, and we pull from best practices and theory developed by the professional academic librarian community to inform our teaching.


Boost student learning! Students benefit academically from library instruction and utilizing library resources.
Learn more about Information literacy and librarians' efforts to impact and improve educational outcomes:


There are many ways you can facilitate library instruction:
  • librarian visit to your classroom (online or in person)
  • class visit to the library
  • Research Guide link in your course materials
  • recommend Research Appointments (Matook, 2020)
  • embed a librarian in your course in Blackboard
  • request a customized tutorial

Easy to Schedule

Contact your Personal Librarian by phone or email to schedule a library instruction session. 

That's it! The librarian will coordinate with you to offer the content your students need at a time that works for your class.

Best Practices

Your students will benefit most from library instruction if you follow these essential guidelines:
  • Share your research assignment instructions with the librarian. Library instruction that is relevant to a current assignment gives students the opportunity to immediately apply what they learn from the librarian.
  • Schedule library instruction at the point of need. The best time for library instruction is 2-3 weeks before a research assignment is due.
  • Be present and engaged when the librarian is teaching. Your interest and attention validates the importance of the librarian's guidance and the value of the library's resources.
  • Collaborate with a librarian as you develop research assignments. Librarians regularly provide one-on-one assistance to students. We are familiar with common points of confusion and misinterpretation. 

Faculty Orientation Course

Enroll in Library Orientation for Faculty (Blackboard course) to explore all modules:
  • Using the Library: databases, ILL, citation managers, course reserves, etc.
  • Promoting Your Scholarship: Engaged Scholarship @ CSU, Open Educational Resources, etc.
  • Collaborating in Instruction: Information Literacy Competencies, Embedding a Librarian in your course, connecting your students to Research Guides and other library resources
  • Building Collections: requesting additions to the library's collections