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Zotero: Home

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free software tool that helps you manage your citations for research. It runs as a standalone software application that uses a browser plugin to capture citation information and full-text copies of online sources. 

Zotero also has a service called ZoteroBib. This service does not require any software or user accounts; just enter your sources and ZoteroBib will help you cite it and create a works cited or reference list in whichever format you need. 

Sign up

Zotero requires you to register to use its services. Once registered, you may access your library, which can include citations and full text, from anywhere with internet access.

Download and install

Install Zotero as a standalone application with a browser extension for use in Chrome and Firefox. Installation of the standalone application also installs plugins for word processing applications.

Consult Zotero's website for a full explanation of the installation procedure. 

Zotero Quick Start Guide

Note: When using the Zotero browser plugin to add sources, the program will occasionally give you the following prompt.

Zotero Proxy message

Clicking "Accept" can cause problems with future library searches. Click "Proxy settings" and then uncheck "Enable proxy redirection". 

Zotero Disable Proxy Redirection

Video Tutorial

Use Zotero

With Zotero successfully installed, you can launch the application from your personal computer. With a browser plugin installed, you should see a Zotero icon in your toolbar. 

Icon of Zotero plugin

For more detailed instructions, check out the other tabs for Adding Sources, Creating Citations and Bibliographies, and Organizing Your Library.