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Michael Schwartz Library

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Michael Schwartz Library

Michael Schwartz Library Sustainability Team

An online space to highlight the Sustainability Interest Group's work and provide resources for our colleagues.

Contact an Interest Group Member

Jeff Beuck - Senior Library Systems and Data Specialist 

Mandi Goodsett - Performing Arts & Humanities Librarian

Diane Kolosionek - Head of Research & Liaison Services; Urban Affairs / Education Librarian

Ben Richards - Business & Communication Librarian

Donna Stewart - Web Site Specialist

Brandon Walker - Systems & Knowledge bases Librarian


Organizations and Community Resources


Welcome to this guide for the Michael Schwartz Library Sustainability Team! Please explore the tabs to find information about what this group has accomplished and how you can contribute to a better life for future generations. Feel free to contact any of the interest group members directly if you have questions (see box at left)!

Recommended Resources