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History of Cleveland & Northeast Ohio: Cleveland Cartography

Resources about the history of greater Cleveland and northeast Ohio.

Using Maps

Maps are subjective cultural documents of great value in the study of local history. There are many types of maps in the holdings of institutions in northeastern Ohio. Selecting the right one for a particular research project will depend upon what type of information is being sought, but for most purposes the highly-detailed commercial atlas maps issued by the G.M. Hopkins Company, the Sanborn Map Company, or several minor firms in the nineteenth century will prove most useful for researching Cleveland history.


Local Maps and Their Histories

Institutional Map Collections and Their Holdings

Government Records

  • Bureau of Land Management. "Official Federal Land Records Site." -- Of the three databases offered here, "Land Patents," "Survey Plats and Field Notes," and "Land Status Records," apparently only the first has any Ohio information



Cartographers & Artists