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Michael Schwartz Library

Government Information

Government Documents at the Library

Federal Depository Library Program logoSpecific areas of the Michael Schwartz library are currently closed due to water damage from burst pipes. If you need to access materials in a closed area, please request the items via the catalog or at a service desk. Some materials may not be available due to water damage. You may also reach the government documents depository coordinator at 216-687-2485.

The Michael Schwartz Library is a selective depository for U.S. and Ohio government documents. At the Michael Schwartz Library, all documents are integrated into the regular collection. Documents cataloged as periodicals are shelved with periodicals and those cataloged as books are shelved with the books. In addition, a large number of government documents are now available online.

For e-mail reference questions about government information, contact Hannah Pearson at For assistance in locating a government document, questions about government documents, or researching them in the Michael Schwartz Library, please contact or visit the Library's Reference Center.

Searching for Government Information

Borrowing from the Depository

Some government documents are currently held in our shared storage facility at the NE Regional Depository in Rootstown, OH. To obtain one of these items, find it in the Library's Scholar catalog and click on the "Request" button. If there is a question about locating or requesting these depository materials, users may ask any questions at the Reference Desk, the User Services Desk or ask any of the subject librarians. The User Services staff will assist the user in obtaining the item from the depository.