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Michael Schwartz Library

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Michael Schwartz Library

Films and Streaming Video

Films at the library

The Michael Schwartz Library owns many physical film items in a variety of formats. The Michael Schwartz Library also provides access to several streaming platforms. 

Faculty, you can contact your department's librarian for assistance locating suitable film content for your courses. You may also contact your librarian for questions about access to a specific film.

Streaming films

Films in the library

To search for films in the library, use the SCHOLAR catalog to perform a KEYWORD or TITLE search using the work's title. 

You can also do an advanced search for physical or streaming films by specifying DVD,VHS, FILM or STREAMING VIDEO under Material Type. Kanopy films are not searched in Scholar.

Advanced search for films

The SCHOLAR record will provide details on the film regarding its availability, what format it is in and where it is located. Films are for the most part kept on the 3rd floor in the Multimedia Center. 

Scholar Record for Films