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Library Support for Online Teaching and Learning

Like you, some of us are on campus, and others are working remotely. We're all here for you, wherever you are, providing the services and support you've come to rely on. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the library with specific questions.

Requesting Library Tutorials

If you feel that your students would benefit from shorter, interactive tutorials, rather than a typical library session in video form, please feel free to contact your personal librarian. Some tutorials for basic topics have already been created and are available at the link below. Your librarian may be able to create a more specific tutorial for a skill your students need to build. 

Requesting or Using a Course Research Guide

An online research guide can be a valuable resource for students conducting research, especially if they are off-campus. Below are some examples of research guides that have been requested by other faculty. 

To request that a research guide for your course be updated or created, please contact your personal librarian. Librarian-created tutorials and videos can also be embedded in a research guide. 

Requesting Virtual Library Instruction

If you would like virtual information literacy instruction for your class, we are happy to accommodate! Please contact your librarian  and decide on a preferred way to conduct the session. Some possible platforms for conducting the meeting are below, and which is used is up to you and the librarian.

Questions to Ask When Setting Up a Virtual Library Instruction Session:
  • Do I want the library session to be synchronous or asynchronous?
  • What in particular do I want the librarian to cover? Be sure to let us know ahead of time, especially if the session will be recorded for students to view asynchronously.
  • Are there any accompanying activities that students could do to retain the material in the session?
  • How comfortable are my students with particular online instruction platforms? How comfortable am I?
  • Would my students be better served by a library session in video form, or a series of shorter tutorials?