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Michael Schwartz Library

Students in the Connection Lounge
Michael Schwartz Library

Creative Writing

A guide for students conducting research as part of their creative writing efforts.

Contemporary Poetry Collection

The Hazel Collister Hutchison Contemporary Collection and accompanying reading area, jointly managed by the Library and the CSU Poetry Center, houses a major collection of contemporary poetry books and journals founded on gifts from the Cleveland poet, Hazel Collister Hutchison and from the CSU Poetry Center. The collection, which can be found on shelving immediately outside the Poetry Room, is open to students, writers, and the community.

Poetry Room

The room is used often for Poetry Center workshops and meetings, and occasionally for creative writing classes. This is the only collection of its kind in northern Ohio.  The Poetry Center is located on the fourth floor of the Michael Schwartz Library.  

For more information call (216) 687-6997.

Poets From Twelve Literary & Performative Arts Bring Anisfield-Wolf To Public Transit

You can find more information on Twelve Literary and Performative Arts and the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards here

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