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Michael Schwartz Library

Business Faculty and Lecturer Guide: Home


This guide is meant to highlight the many resources and services the library offers to both students and educators at CSU. It is my job to support both student and faculty research at Cleveland State University, so never hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas about how we can help. 

Library services

For a comprehensive overview of services to faculty, enroll in the self paced Michael Schwartz Library Orientation Course. 

Course Reserves

Consider placing your course materials on reserve. Reserves can be electronic, or in book form to be checked out for short periods of time by students in the library. 

Library Classrooms

Bring your class to the library! Especially useful for interactive research sessions.


Faculty Research

The library supports your research in many ways, one of which is through open-access hosting of your scholarly output. Host your work on EngagedScholarship to reach a wider audience; curate your research profile in SelectedWorks; highlight a department or special research area with an Expert Gallery.

Your personal librarian: Ben Richards

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Ben Richards
Michael Schwartz Library
(216) 687-2291