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EDB 241: Rotation 1: Social Context of Urban Education

This Research Guide supports the EDB 241: Rotation 1: Social Context of Urban Education course.





Use OneSearch to find books, articles, and more -- all in a single search! For example, a basic keyword search on resegregation AND American schools retrieves over 5,300 items.

OneSearch is the big, orange search box in the center of the library's homepage. Go to the Advanced Search screen. Enter your search terms into the separate search boxes, connecting them with the Boolean operator AND.

Use the limits in OneSearch to narrow your results. You can limit results to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals. You can limit results by Publication Date. You can limit by Source Type, for example, to see Books, eBooks, Academic Journals, Magazines, or News.


Articles/Research Databases

Articles are published in periodicals -- JOURNALS, MAGAZINES, and NEWSPAPERS. To find articles on a topic, search the Michael Schwartz Library's Research Databases.

Go to the Research Databases A-Z List.

Research databases contain citations or references to articles. They may also contain the full text of many articles, either in HTML or PDF format. You can view, print, email, or save articles. The Library pays to provide access to these research databases -- they are not free!

For academic research, you should include articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. In the peer review process, an article is reviewed by other experts in the same subject area before it is published in a scholarly journal. Most research databases will allow you to LIMIT your results to peer-reviewed journals when searching.

Start your search for articles in some of the databases listed below, especially the core databases named Education Research Complete and ERIC.

Connecting to the Full Text of an Article

-Many articles are available full text online in HTML or PDF format inside the research databases.

-If not, then select the yellow Find It! button or the Full Text Finder(s) link to determine the availability of a specific article when searching the databases. You may be able to connect to the full text of the article in another database. Just follow the links!

-If the article is NOT available in the database or by selecting the other links, then check Journals at CSU. Use Journals at CSU to determine if the Library provides full text access (either online or in print) to the TITLES of specific journals, magazines, and newspapers.

-Search for the article title in Google Scholar.

-If the article is not available in any of the sources mentioned above, then request it through Interlibrary Loan.