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Instrument Guide: Resources for the Study of Collaborative Piano

A guide for piano students researching or performing in collaborative ensembles.


Piano keysWelcome to the Research Guide for the study of collaborative pianoThe resources collected here will help you conduct research on piano ensembles, build your chamber performance technique, teach collaborative piano, and find scores and recordings to use for performance of collaborative piano pieces. Feel free to explore the tabs above to get specific research help.

I would love to meet with you individually to help explore these resources or to answer any questions. Please call me or email me if you need research assistance or if you would like to schedule an appointment (see the box to the right).

Call Numbers

M200 - M212
piano four hands

piano, five, six, eight, etc. hands

M214 - M215
two pianos, two performers​

​M310 - M314
piano and two strings

piano, violin, violoncello

M315 - M319
piano and two winds

M325 - M329
piano and two plectral instruments (guitar, harp, etc.)​

​M410 - M414
piano and three strings

piano quartets (piano, violin, viola, violoncello

M415 - M419
piano and three wind instruments

M420 - M424
piano and three wind and/or string instruments
ex. piano horn violin; piano clarinet cello

M425 - M429
piano and three plectral instruments

​M510 - M514
piano and four string instruments

piano quintets (piano, two violins, viola, violoncello)

M515 - M519
piano and four winds

M520 - M524
piano and four wind and/or string instruments

M525 - M529
piano and four plectral instruments