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Zotero: Importing from RefWorks

Export from RefWorks

To import your RefWorks references into Zotero, you'll first have to export them from RefWorks. 
1. Log into RefWorks. 

2. Click "Export"


3. Select Bibliographic Software as the Export Format. This file will be used by Zotero to import the references. 

4. If your file does not download, click the "Click Here" button that appears, and either right click and Save As, or File - Save As the text file that is created. It should save as a .txt file.  

Unfortunately, there is not a way to export the folder structure from your RefWorks account. If you have a detailed folder structure already in place, you can export individual folders and import these folders into Zotero, as opposed to exporting from Refworks and importing your entire library into Zotero, rebuilding the folder structure there. 

1. RIght click on the name of the folder you would like to export.

2. Click Export, then choose Bibliographic Software. Save the file that is created.


Import to Zotero

After you have exported your library from RefWorks, you can import into Zotero. 

1. In Zotero, hit the tools  button.

2. Click "Import"

3. Navigate in the file explorer that opens to the saved file from the RefWorks export. 

4. The references will appear in a new Zotero collection. You can rename this collection.

5. You may want to attach PDFs to your imported references. 

6. Click  to attach an link or file to an item.

7. To attached a PDF,  choose "Attach Stored Copy of File"