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Using ARTstor Images

What are the PERMITTED uses of ARTstor images?

  • faculty/staff lectures
  • presentations
  • classroom handouts
  • course reserves
  • research projects
  • student presentations & papers

What are the PROHIBITED uses?

  • unrestricted web sites
  • commercial purposes
  • print or electronic publications distributed through a press (commercial or noncommercial)*

*Some images can be used in publications. See Images for Academic Publishing

Export Image Groups from ARTstor to PowerPoint

Please check all technical requirements before using this feature, including adding ARTstor as a trusted site or disabling popup blockers, and saving the file to an accessible location; you must also have PowerPoint 2007 or later to use the file.

  1. Log into your Artstor account and open a Group. Multimedia files will not download.

Currently, the maximum number of images that can be downloaded to PPT at a time is 150.

  1. Click Download on the utility bar.
  2. The Export/Download Guidelines will alert you to the number of images you have downloaded in the 120-day period and provide a link to our Terms & Conditions of Use.
  3. Choose Download PPT. Choose either Save or Open in the next dialog window. Make sure you know to which folder your browser downloads save so you can easily access it in the future.

Each image will appear on its own slide, with the image data in the notes field below each slide. As long as you are connected to the Internet when in presentation mode, each image will also be hyperlinked to take you directly to view the original image on the Detail page, allowing you to zoom, pan and launch fullscreen.