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History of Cleveland & Northeast Ohio: CDL: Subject Links

Resources about the history of greater Cleveland and northeast Ohio.

Subject Facet of the Cleveland Digital Library Resources by Type

(This is a page originally put together as part of the Cleveland Digital Library in 1997 and updated sporadically ever since. Now it is being transferred to this Research Guide where it will be gradually edited and updated. All of the Cleveland State University resources that were listed here earlier have been removed, as they now appear in the Cleveland Memory Project)


1 - All Topics & Comprehensive Histories

2 - Architecture and Design

  • Brunner, Arnold. Cleveland's Group Plan. 1916.
  • Cigliano, Jan. "Euclid Avenue: Cleveland, Ohio." In The Grand American Avenue, 1850-1920. Jan Cigliano and Sarah Bradford Landau, eds. (San Francisco, CA: Pomegranate Artbooks). 1994. pp. 93-128.
  • Cleveland Landmarks Commission. -- A listing of designated landmarks, historic architects and other useful information from City Planning.
  • Frary, I.T., "The Residence of F.E. Drury, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio", Architectural Record, 38:6 (December, 1915) 601-614. [Republished in Google Books]
  • Kolson, Kenneth. "Cleveland as City Beautiful." In Big Plans: The Allure and Folly of Urban Design. (Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press). 2001. pp. 49-64.
  • Leedy, Walter C., Jr. "Cleveland's Struggle for Self-Identity: Aesthetics, Economics, and Politics." In Modern Architecture in America: Visions and Revisions. Richard Guy Wilson and Sidney K. Robinson, eds. (Ames, Iowa: Iowa State University Press). 1991. pp 74-105.
  • Leedy, Walter D., Jr. "Henry Vaughan's Cleveland Commission: A Study of Patronage, Context, and Civic Responsibility." 1994.


3 - Civil Engineering (see also Real Estate: Surveying)


4 - Ethnicity, Immigration, Gender & Community


4.1 - All/Generally

4.2 - Specific Communities & Neighborhoods


5 - Industry & Commerce


6 - Journalism


7 - Real Estate


8 - Transportation


9 - Views & Visual Arts


10 - Social Networking

11 - Miscellaneous Topics