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History of Cleveland & Northeast Ohio: Cleveland Journalism

Resources about the history of greater Cleveland and northeast Ohio.

Using Newspapers

Cleveland Journalism

     To learn more about the history of journalism in Cleveland and read the original writings of the city's journalists and columnists consult the bibliography below. 


Cleveland WPA Project (1938).  Annals of Cleveland 1818-1935.

Baldasty, Gerald J. (1999).  E.W. Scripps and the Business of Newspapers.

Condon, George (1967).  Cleveland: the best kept secret. 

Covert, John C. (1892).  "The Pioneer Press in Cleveland" in The Annals of the Early Settlers Association of Cuyahoga County."

Kennedy, Charles E. (1925) Fifty Years of Cleveland...A book largely about daily newspapers 1875-1925.

Porter, Phillip (1976).  Cleveland: Confused city on a seesaw. 

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Shaw, Archer. (1942). The Plain Dealer: one hundred Years in Cleveland.

Tidyman, John.  Gimme Rewrite Sweetheart: Tales from the glory days of Cleveland  newspapers--told by the men and women who reported the news

Biography & Memoir

Casserly, Jack (1993).  Scripps: the divided dynasty

De Crane, Ray (2010).  Five Decades at the Press: an insider tells his story of legendary editor  Louis B.  Seltzer and a lifetime of working at the Cleveland Press.

Gardner, Gilson (1932).  Lusty Scripps: the Life of E.W. Scripps.

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O'Donnell, Doris (2006).  Front-Page Girl.

Seltzer, Louis B. (1956).  The Years Were Good

Wood, James (2011).  Out & About with Winsor French


Collections & Anthologies

Bellamy, John Stark & Condon, George (eds.).  One Man's Mirror: S.J. Kelly's wonderful Cleveland wayback machine

Condon, George (1968).  Laughter from the Rafters

Davis, Dave & Mazzolini, Joan (eds.).  (2018).  Plain Dealing: Twenty journalists tell their stories

Feagler, Dick (1996).  Feagler's Cleveland.

-----------------(1998).  Did You Read Feagler Today?

-----------------(2001).  I Know I'm Not Supposed to Say This...But I'll Say It Anyway

-----------------(2005).  Is It Just Me?

Heaton, Chuck (2007).  Truth and Justice for Fun and Profit

McDermott, William (1959).  The Best of Mcdermott: Selected writings

Porter, Phillip (1979).  The Best of Loveland

Schultz, Connie (2006).  Life Happens and Other Unavoidable Truths