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ENG 102: College Writing II

Tools and resources to help you conquer the research for your informative synthesis and/or argumentative papers.

What are statistics?

Statistics can refer to numbers, totals, percentages, or estimates, as well as tables, charts, graphs, etc. Statistics are generated from analyzing data. 

When researchers conduct studies or experiment, they collect data and usually perform some type of analysis and present in a statistical way, reporting the results in their research articles. 

However, many organizations, institutions, companies, and government agencies are in the business of regularly collecting data and maintaining statistics. The U.S. Census Bureau is one such government agency that regularly collects data about the population of the United States, and publishes that information in the form of statistics.  

Because there are so many different parties that collect statistics on such a wide variety of topics, finding the numbers you need can sometimes be confusing and difficult. This guide is by no means a comprehensive listing of every source of statistics, but it is meant to be a guide, both to library resources and outside sources of statistical information. 

Library resources

The library has a few resources which contain a significant amount of statistical information. 

Other Sources