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If you're leaving CSU...

We're sad to see you go...but we know you'll do great things! While the library may not be at the front of your mind right now (unless you still have to turn in a research paper!), you should know that after you graduate or leave CSU, you'll no longer have off-campus access to all our great electronic resources. This is due to the legal agreements that come with many of our electronic content we provide access to. The good news is that if you are graduating, you can still come back and visit anytime, and you can access electronic content (articles, databases, ebooks) in-person if you register as an alum. 

The even better news is that public libraries offer many of the same or similar resources and services that you've grown accustomed to at the Michael Schwartz Library. So whether you're staying local or moving across the country (or the world!), chances are there is a public library system you can rely on for your information needs.

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Area Libraries

The two major local library systems are the Cleveland Public Library and the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Both feature truly world class collections, services, and resources, and many branch libraries. Moving to another part of Ohio? Take advantage of the public libraries in your new neighborhood - but you can still keep your library card or sign up for one at both the CPL and CCPL. 

Cleveland Public Library - With an enormous downtown main library and branches throughout Cleveland's neighborhoods, 'The People's University' as it's been known is one of Cleveland's treasures. Added bonus - borrow books and other materials from participating CLEVNET libraries in over 12 counties!

Cleveland Public Library logoInformation on getting or renewing your Cleveland Public Library card. 
Learn more about the Cleveland Public Library's books and media collections.
Learn more about the Cleveland Public Library's research databases. 
Learn more about the Cleveland Public Library's free online classes.
Find Cleveland Public Library locations.



Cuyahoga County Public Library - Spread out through various suburbs in Cuyahoga County, the CCPL is another incredible resource available to residents of Northeast Ohio (and all of Ohio, for that matter!). Added bonus - CCPL cardholders can borrow materials through OhioLINK, the same system that let's you borrow from other universities and colleges in Ohio.

CCPL logoInformation on getting a Cuyahoga County Public Library card.
Learn more about the Cuyahoga County Public Library's books and media collections.
Learn more about the Cuyahoga County Public Library's research databases.
Learn more about the Cuyahoga County Public Library's free online classes.
Find Cuyahoga County Public Library locations.


State of Ohio resources

The State Library of Ohio is here to serve both government employees and residents. "The vision of the State Library of Ohio is a Smarter Ohio where every Ohioan can access the necessary resources to be engaged citizens, excel at their jobs, participate in the workforce, and pursue their passions and interests." While it is located in Columbus, there are web resources available to all residents of Ohio above the age 18. Learn more about getting a State Library of Ohio library card.

The Ohio Web Library provides quick access to key article databases, digital reference collections, and online learning to residents of Ohio. You just need a library card to any public library in the state! Click here to go to the Ohio Web Library.

INFOhio is the state's offering for Pre K-12 students. In addition to the amazing resources available at your local public library's children and youth departments, INFOhio provides online resources for children, parents, and educators. Learn more about INFOhio.