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ECE 500: Foundations of Early Childhood Education

Search Tips

This page contains resources to help you get started with your research assignments related to child development theories. See the BOXES below!

Notice that these are academic/scholarly sources. They are examples of the types of sources your professor expects. Remember - NO or simple educational psychology websites!

You will need your CampusNet credentials to access the online resources remotely.


To find books written by your assigned child development theorist, try an Author search in the Scholar Library Catalog.

Select Author as the search. Enter your theorist's name as LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (or FIRST INITIAL), such as PIAGET, J.

To find books about your assigned child development theorist or theory, try a Keyword search in the Scholar Library Catalog.

Select Keyword as the search. Enter your theorist's last name, like PIAGET. Review the results you retrieve.

Add additional keywords to limit your results, such as:

  • Piaget AND cognitive development
  • Piaget AND cognition
  • Piaget AND children
  • Piaget AND child development

Overview of Various Theories