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APRIL 4th at 11:30: How did the ancient Maya predict eclipses?

posted by Donna Stewart on 2024-04-03T14:35:00-04:00 in Anthropology | 0 Comments


when the serpent bites the sun: how the ancient mayaa predicted eclipsesWhen the Serpent Bites the Sun: 
How the Ancient Maya Predicted Eclipses,
Like the Coming One Here on April 8th

A free lecture by Dr. Peter Dunham 

Thursday, April 4th, 2024
Michael Schwartz Library, 1st floor
FREE: All are welcome

How did the ancient Maya predict eclipses?

Eclipses are mysterious.  Many of us do not understand them.  Few can actually predict them.  But, the ancient Maya did.  One of their books contains a table that predicts eclipses anywhere in the world, like the one that we are about to experience in Northern Ohio.  How did they do it?  Join us as we explore ancient Maya eclipse prediction, a journey that is bound to put the coming eclipse in a whole new light for you and renew your appreciation for the many great achievements of Native American peoples.


A retired archaeologist from CSU’s Anthropology program in the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Dr. Peter Dunham spent his career studying Native American civilizations, in particular the ancient Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula. For a number of years, he directed a major project funded by the National Geographic Society on Maya resource exploitation and exchange in the Maya Mountains of Belize, where he discovered over a dozen previously unreported sites.



eclipse table of the Dresden Codex








Eclipse table of the Dresden Codex, 11th or 12th century

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