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Install Nomad - go from the open web to scholarly content in one click

posted by Donna Stewart on 2022-08-09T10:39:15-04:00 | 0 Comments


Take the library with you...wherever you surf.  Nomad is a browser extension that detects available scholarly content, notifies you it's available, and connects you to the content in one click.

We all know that the open web is a vast ocean of information, and savvy researchers know that the Library provides access to SO much more online research material than Google or Wikipedia alone.  Starting your research from our research database lists opens up a world of quality scholarly material that your Library has already paid for, and which you can't otherwise access. 

But when you sit down to research do you always remember to log in through the Michael Schwartz Library?  Most of us will  recognize these scenarios:how much??

  • You just head straight to Wikipedia or Google, or even PubMed, only to later realize you can’t get to some of the articles you want because you’re not logged in. Argh.
  • You find something really promising in Google Scholar only to get to the publisher’s web site and see “$37 to access”?  How much??

We have something that can eliminate the first problem and hopefully put a dent in that second one:  it’s a browser extension called Nomad, and it’s quick and easy to add to most web browsers*. Once you have it in your browser it helps ensure you have access to all the scholarly resources the Michael Schwartz Library provides, even when you don’t start on our web site. Nomad provides easy full-text access on Google Scholar, Wikipedia articles (check those references at the bottom!), PubMed, and a large number of academic publishers’ web sites.


Give it a try and let us know what you think.
You can find Nomad at

*Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge and Brave.

LibKey Nomad screen shot

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